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Pets Might Be Better for Your Social Life Than Facebook

Who needs a Facebook friend when you can have a furry friend at your side? According to a new study, almost half of America's pet owners think their four-pawed friends are better for their social life than a social networking account. 

Conducted by consumer and media intelligence company Mintel, the study of pet owners found that 16 percent of pet owners are interested in technologies that may enhance their relationships with their pets. Also 17 percent said they would like to receive pet-related offers on their phones. 

While they may prefer petting to typing, that doesn't mean pet owners want to abandon Facebook. Social media analyst at Mintel Gabi Lieberman said that while pet shop owners used to be the go-to for pet owners to learn how to care for their pets, social media has taken over as the means for pet owners to explore and share their pet-related experiences.

Some pet owners even want to use social media to turn their their pets into celebrities, Lieberman noted. Indeed, Grumpy Cat, whose Facebook page is pictured above, has reportedly received a movie deal from New Line that may involve stars Will Ferrell and Jack Black.