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Hands-on with Pet Rescue Sage: Your Next Mobile Addiction

Gotten your fill of sweets from "Candy Crush Saga?" Then maybe its time to make the switch to adorable puppies and kittens. Game developer, King, has announced that its popular "Pet Rescue Saga" game has arrived for iOS and Android devices as a free title. The title, previously only available on Facebook feature over 72 mobile levels. In "Pet Rescue Saga," players are tasked with helping cuddly dogs, cats and birds from hazardous situations across urban and fairy-tale landscapes. 

The levels are broken out into episodes featuring 5-10 episodes. Similar to "Candy Crush Saga," PRS employs similar gameplay mechanics to CCS, removing groups of the same-colored blocks with a simple tap. The game is filled with bright vivid colors and the animated critters are aww-inducing with their big wide eyes. We quickly cleared the first few levels when we encountered small bombs called Boosters that could clear a large area of blocks regardless of color. We also unlocked a rocket power-up that cleared an entire row. Puzzles become increasingly difficult adding time limits or move limitations. 

King has applied CCS' cross-platform approach to PRS enabling players to pick up where they left off in the game on Facebook or mobile devices as well as check out recent leaderboards.  Gamers can also check out if their friends are online. As a Facebook-exclusive game, "Pet Rescue Saga" boasted 5 million daily visitors. Now that the titles gone mobile, expect that number to increase dramatically.