OS Bowl Final: webOS vs. Windows Phone 7. Voting ends Tuesday, 2/8 at 9 a.m.

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In a year where none of the top-ranked teams made it to the Super Bowl, it's only fitting that the two contenders in the OS Bowl had to scratch and claw their way to the final game.

Click through to vote for what you think is the best mobile OS!

HP's webOS trounced Nokia's Meego in the first round, then fought off a more determined Android in the semis to make it to the final. On the other side of the bracket, Windows Phone 7 got past BlackBerry 6 before thoroughly trouncing Apple's iOS in the last round with more than 80 percent of the vote. So after taking on two giants in this field, the last OSes standing are ready to go gridiron.

So put down the hot wings and nachos and take a break during half time to tell us which of these competitors should be named champion? Vote now! This poll will remain open until February 8 at 9:00 a.m.

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  • pcworld Says:

    @Prometo f:
    no, webOS 3.0 is for tablets (for the beginning)
    webOS 2.x is for smartphones at this time

  • Prometo f Says:

    HP confirmed today 02-09-2011

    webOS 2.0 is not for smart phones, is only tablets... for now.

    which mean Windows Phone 7 is the clear winner!!!!

  • VelJharig Says:

    @ Homer Simpson

    A lot of the WP7 users hang out at XDA (http://forum.xda-developers.com/forumdisplay.php?f=608). Cheers.

  • Tony B Says:

    forgot to vote but glad the outcome was in webOS' favor :)

  • mario munno Says:

    Voto per Windows phone 7 *_* anche se mi piace molto la nuova idea lanciata da google...

  • Mobile Junkie Says:

    Well I have to say, the WebOS win is well deserved. Yes, they haven't sold much in the past, but that is NOT due to the OS, it's been the hardware. It's seriously a SOLID mobile OS. The battery life on the hardware has been my main complaint. But really, do you think a company the size of HP (and with a proven takeover track record) would purchase a company to see it fail?? We're talking about the largest IT company in the world here. They are going to put their purchasing muscle, their strength in hardware, their dollars and their worldwide brand recognition behind this OS, I guarantee it (they'd be dumb not to!). It may take a while to get there, because they'll have to build awareness around WebOS again (frankly the Palm folks didn't know how to market their product), beef up their app store etc, but you can be sure that if ANYBODY has a chance of competing against Apple, it will be HP and WebOS.

  • Andre Says:

    LOL at Colonel Kernel. That's a great explanation because I had no idea how the voting from multiple PC's/devices thing worked. Thanks for helping "the good guy" win, LOL!

  • Homer Simpson Says:

    Just curious... what user forum do the WP7 guys usually hang out at? is it WPcentral, or something else?

  • MartyLK Says:

    You won't see me making any apologies. I am satisfied that WebOS won. It so much deserves the win. It is a real smartphone OS WP7 is not a smartphone OS and sucks ass and is a suck-ass mobile OS with a community controlled by assholes who are losers and now own a loser system. Cheers!

  • jason high Says:

    Voted for webOS from my Evo. I loved webOS but hardware is lacking. Software is probably best out there, we will have to see what happens tomorrow!

  • SteveyAyo Says:

    @ Brian

    How do you consider WP7 the worst selling OS? It hasnt been out for an entire quarter yet and youre already making that claim? And webOS was the BEST OS in my opinion pre WP7 but the Hardware wasnt good enough for me and i didnt have sprint so i never got it and by the time it jumped carriers i moved on to the HD2...
    This wasnt a sales competition, it was a BEST OS competition and the correct 2 ended up in the finals

  • SteveyAyo Says:

    I voted for WP7 with an HD7, My Laptop, My GalaxyTab, Evo, iPhone 4 and a blackberry... to no avail lol

  • David Says:

    Voted for webOS... from my iPhone

  • CHad Says:

    windows windows 3d 3d windows wp7.... hahaha

  • Colonel Kernel Says:

    WebOS has won yet again! You put up a good fight, WP7 fans, thank you.

    On the cheating: First, PollDaddy.com polls go by the IP address, so those who thought they could just wipe their cookies and vote endlessly were wasting their time. Not one extra vote of theirs counted.

    I confess, I voted as often as I could, but at least I did the legwork. I went to my local mall and loaded this page up on as many computer screens as I could. But, it works by the IP address, so at Best Buy, with their dozens and dozens of computers I was only able to vote one additional time. Every laptop is logged into the same Wi-Fi network and shares the same IP address.

    I did have better luck with the mobile phone stores. With each of their demo smartphones activated with their own IP address, I think I voted about 20 extra times. I can't be sure how much my extra votes helped, but while I was engaged in my "cheating" webOS' lead increased by almost a tenth of one percent. NOTE: other votes were absolutley still being cast by other people during this time.

  • Brian Says:

    How is it that the two worst selling OSes (with the exception of Meego which isn't even officially available) make it to the finals? People who are voting with their wallets are voting for Android, iOS, and Blackberry.

  • Todd Allcock Says:

    I didn't get to vote for Windows Mobile 6! ;) Now THAT's a customizable multi-tasking OS!

  • i told u so .com Says:

    funny they talk about whinners and cheaters bottom line Webos won so deal with it. Anything that anyone was thought to be doing, could have been done by the WP7 folks. for the record I believe even now Webos sold more devices then WP7 to date, and with the annoucnment tomarrow with HP the biggest and most successfull PC maker in the world behind them, these WP7 people will be Webos users very very soon. See you on the wagon lol

    HP/Palm Webos the future in innovation

  • Craig Says:

    Um, it should not be possible to cheat by removing the blog.laptopmag.com cookie. The poll is hosted at polldaddy.com for crying out loud. All of you guys are freaking out over nothing. Marty is just a WP7 plant.

  • DontCareIfWebOsWins Says:

    Although I believe WP7 is the best OS congratulations on the victory WebOS!

  • Louis Says:

    Penalty, 2%, HP WebOS
    Penalty, 1%, WP7

    Winner, WebOS

  • Abe Says:

    Oh man, now the Win7 fans are gonna whine and complaining with their statements that WebOS fans cheated which I don't doubt they did. But Win7 fans cheated also and there is no question about that. I guess at the end it was more of a which fan was more passionate for its OS to keep finding ways to vote it to the top. I guess us WebOS fans love our OS more than the Win7 kids.

    And yes, @KRHOMA, we need to get help for Marty. I say we make a poll to choose what kind of treatment we will get for him!!

  • John Says:

    Nothing compares to webOS , it´s simply the best !

  • Jeffrey3605 Says:


  • KHROMA Says:

    People, it's not the poll that's important! What's important is that we all recognize that Marty is clearly mentally disturbed, and we all need to rally around and help him to get the treatment he needs!

  • FairThingToDo Says:

    Being that random acts of cheating is obviously happening I'm calling on the forces of Laptopmag to declare a tie and victory for both WP7 and WebOs and send all the trolls back to their respective caves weeping besides they ran neck and neck the entire competition until magically today. What say you Laptopmag?

  • Mark Hurd Says:

    Love all the WebOS whiners coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden becoming apologists for the cheating that has got WebOS the votes is has in this poll. Let's face it, it's already got more votes that handsets sold world wide by a factor of at least 2.

    WebOS has been the least successfull and capable phone OS ever, it bankrupted plam and god knows how much it'll lose even HP for the forseeable future before they abandon it as a poor attempt to compete with the iPad.

    The fanboys here can convince themselves that rigging a vote under the cover of "a few passionate users" gives them legitimacy but then the fact is they've wasted money on an irrelevant OS with no market, few apps and almost no place in the modern Phone OS market.

    Let's face it - shouting "but WebOS can multitask" is a hollow advantage when there's no apps for the dead platform to actually switch between.

  • MarkJ Says:

    (Writing this post from my Pre Plus.) "Cheating?" maybe, but I doubt it. I voted early on and upon first voting got a "thanks for voting" message. Upon further views I've hit the webOS button again numerous times to get the latest results and was met by a "your vote has already been counted" message EVERY SUBSEQUENT TIME. I'm guessing that has been the case for most voting.

    webOS is a multitasking, notifications wonder! There is no other OS capable of juggling so much info so well! WP7 is beautiful and innovative but it is not as capable an OS as webOS.

  • Abe Says:

    WebOS has won!! It don't matter if WebOS fans cheated because Win7 fans cheated also!! Tomorrow we will get our prize!! Yay!!!

  • Alexandre Says:

    HP WeB OS

  • nice cheating... Says:

    WebOS supporters... we made it! we achieved it... we can be very proud of ourselves by cheating our little asses to the top. yes WindowsPhone supporters had the most votes without cheating, but who cares.
    We are going to win we cheating little pieces of shit. Yes we are. Now I'm going over to my friend marty... we are planning to take over the world with our tiny pixi WebOS devices. feb 9, be prepared...but dont ask me what will be on feb 9, because i don't know it. but it will change the world, i'm sure. although nobody knows what feb 9 is about anyways. i am so stupid. HAHAHA Let's shove or palms up our asses and call each other...mmhh nice vibrating!!!

  • Peter Wong Says:

    g. Blackberry - sufficient for business user who envies the fun that the rest of the smartphone users are enjoying.

  • Peter Wong Says:

    Unfortunately, Palm loses its ground for 2 years, hopefully they can catch up as they are the mother of all PDA. With the new WebOS, I was shocked with what iPhone cannot do - multi-tasking. Having said this, each of these smartphones have their own strength and weakness.
    a. Pre 2 - because of the flexibility of allowing us to change the battery, the cover may not be that elegant, hopefully this is fixed in the coming version. Apart from this, WebOS is still evolving and hoping the best for it.
    b. iOS- had another look at it after using Pre 2, it seems that it is really not as intuitive as WebOS. The advantage is speed of the UI and large apps market as it has been around for at least 4 years.
    c. Win 7 - very fluid UI, but large app's size.
    d. Android - free OS and heaps of supplier selling tablets, phones all over the world. Disadvantage is UI is not as fluid as iOS. Still got some improvement to do to beat iOS.
    e. Bada - boot up the fastest of all OS mentioned here. UI too simple and looks similar to Android. Advantage is Samsung is pouring millions in to boost apps development.
    f. Symbian ^3 - tried it and didn't like the OS, looks like Nokia got heaps to do. Hopefully Meego can do better this time.

    My 2 cents...

  • tucrazie Says:

    Webos is a great os. And if you look at the app catalog or use the homebrew apps you can see there a lot more useful apps than you think. Plus there are lots of patches and plugins that customize your phone to your liking. And trust me the Razor is no comparison to the Pre or Pixi. I for one think both os are good and it is deservingly so that the two best are on top. I tried the others. My wife has the evo and I do not like the os, iphone it's ok but not really going anywhere different than previous phones.

  • Lance Says:

    @ Billy G Ates, that would make sense if the WebOS market had more than 10 useful apps. WebOS regardles of its form is really just dull and unattractive, the interface reminds me of something I might have seen on my razor in 2002 and there is absolutely nothing fun on it. It's nowhere near as fluid and not innovative either. It looks like motoblur just vomited out it's own OS. I for one will always pick the phone that's more innovative and user friendly. Enjoy winning due entirely to cheating.

  • Pre-lude To Victory Says:

    all this talk of "cheating" is really childish. Everyone has the same opportunity to vote, or to attempt to vote more than once. There are many more WinPhone7 and WinMo6 users in the world than webOS users. Which ever side pulls ahead is met with whining from the other.

    The only reason I'm concerned about people on either OS voting more than once is that every time they do, a kitten dies. It's pretty heartless of people on either side to be causing all the senseless kitten deaths. Stop doing that.

    When the dust settles and the whining from the waaaaaa-mbulance siren finally stops, webOS will win. It always does. Whether it's the best... it proves the most passionate users are those that have webOS phones. So don't knock it until you've tried it.

  • Mike Says:


    It depends entirely on your definition of cheating. The vast majority of non-webOS comments indicate a clear ignorance towards the OS and the many advantages it holds over rival systems. Others show an ignorance towards the intention of this poll by discussing irrelevant aspects like hardware and the app store. Which is worse, an educated person voting twice or an ignorant one voting once? How many people do you think voted against iOS and Android, purely out of spite, in order to set up this final in the first place? A poll of this nature is always flawed which makes any complaints an irrelevance. Embrace the free-for-all for what it is.

  • ernesto Says:

    lol @ multivote

  • Relfexx Says:

    So, I checked out precentral and saw that Marty is pretty much the main cheater there. Other people there might lightly cheat, like I'm sure some WP7 supporters do. But nobody is really that obsessed to the point of showing possible mental issues. Well, other than Marty. But he's not even a real webOS guy. He's just such a WP7 hater that I really am astonished at how wacky he is.

  • Palm rep Says:

    love my pre2. nothing like webos 2.0. I hope HP takes webos and brings all others to their knees. all hail the all mighty WEBOS!

  • DontKnowWhatToNameMyself Says:

    I love the fact that some feel the need to cheat to win. Is that really winning though?

    The fact that both OS's were neck to neck not that long ago and now webOS keeps on gaining a bigger lead at a pretty quick rate, makes it obvious that some people are cheating the poll.

    Just because you cheat, does not make your OS better.

  • Billy G Ates Says:

    @ben, I think you have confused the terms 'multitasking' and 'task switching' with the phrase 'my wp7 phone can accomplish multiple tasks that I need to accomplish during an average day'.

    Do you see the difference with them written nxt to each other so you can say them out loud and compare them? I'm sure you can accomplish multiple tasks and that's really good to hear. But when you want to have 30 or 40 apps open and switch among them seamlesy with them fully operaring in the background.... Just stop over to the webos forums and we'll show you what webOS can do!

  • Lance Says:

    Well, this has become a cheaters race. It's depressing really. If you want to know the reason MartyLK is so angry it's because he picked up the phone without reading into it at all and is fixated on its few shortcomings rather than what it does flawlessly. He essentially wanted android with a prettier UI and is crying because that's not what he got. I pin him around 11 and insecure, it takes a lot to harbor that much anger without reason.

  • DontCareIfWebOsWins Says:


    have you lost your mind?

  • WebOS Rules!! Says:

    @ben how many drinks did you have to be able to say that Win7 multitasks better than WebOS? I am surprised you didn't get hit by a lighting bolt when you clicked submit comment.

  • ben Says:

    my WP7 multitasks better than my WebOS phone did...

  • david Says:

    “Repeatedly voting from my tethered webOS phone. Can a W7 do that?”

    tethering on my samsung focus, yes. repeatedly voting, why?

  • rawdeadfish Says:

    +1 if laptopmag will stop running these stupid polls!! please stop laptopmag, please?

  • PhantomMenace Says:

    You know, I want a Windows Phone 7 device, but I voted for WebOS. I just want to see them succeed and I honestly think that WebOS is one of if not the best operating systems.

  • Kevin Says:

    Ultimately, they are both pretty terrific. Myself, I give the nod to webOS as it's a bit more mature. Waiting to see some really slick and fast webOS tabs from HP, but also hope to see some serious progress in WP7 land.

    I think the big loser is iOS, which is still stuck in ObjC land and a UI that's running out of places to embed new functionality. Apple's going to have to rip off a feature or two eventually, and that's just not gonna make them look very good. Customizable home screen? There's basically 3 answers they can give:
    snotty: You don't need it (not beyond them, not by a long shot)
    rip off an old enemy: WP7's customizable tiles
    rip off a new enemy: Android's widgets

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