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Most Online Daters Seeking Serious Relationships, But Not on Facebook

Don’t be so quick to frown upon Internet dating. The web is more than a breeding ground for causal encounters and fleeting flings, at least according to one recent survey. The folks over at relationship consulting website Your Tango report that the majority of Internet daters are seeking something serious, but aren’t willing to pay a price.

To be exact, 63 percent of dating website users who were polled said that they are looking for a long-term relationship, while less than five percent reported seeking casual intercourse. Of those surveyed, 60 percent said they wouldn’t sign up for an online dating service that charges a fee.

But that doesn’t mean web-surfers are turning to dating websites to find their match. An overwhelming 95 percent of respondents said that they use Facebook to scout out love interests, although the success rate falls at a measly 13 percent.

This isn’t too surprising, considering another recently published study from Pew Internet cited Facebook as source of drama among teens, who in turn have started turning to other social media outlets instead.

Not only has social media proven to be an unsuccessful means of meeting a significant other, but it can also irritate your current beau. According to the survey, those surveyed cited tweeting during dinner and Instagramming meals as an annoyance.

In today’s mobile-centric world, it’s not surprising that more people are meeting each other on the Internet—mostly because people are online all the time. In fact, 15 percent of web traffic in 2013 has come from mobile devices, with that number expected to double next year, as Mary Meeker revealed at AllThingsD D11 conference last month.