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Olympus Announces MEG 4.0, Wearable HUD Prototype

Though HUD (heads-up display) prototypes have existed for some time, manufacturers have appeared quite tentative to bring them out into the open -- that is, before now. After Google broke the proverbial ice with its highly publicized Project Glass, multiple companies have emerged to share in the revelry; Olympus being the latest. The company today unveiled a wearable head-mounted prototype that has supposedly been under in-house development for a while, called the MEG 4.0.

This time, the MEG 4.0 isn't a standalone gadget, but rather needs a glasses frame to latch onto. The prototype probably won't put a burden on your set of spectacles though, given that it weighs less than 30g. MEG 4.0 slaps on a QVGA 320x420 veil above the wearer's normal line of view and utilizes Bluetooth 2.1 to connect to compatible devices, including smartphones and tablets. In terms of stored juice, Olympus says you can expect to squeeze out eight hours of intermittent usage, or two hours of ceaseless projection.

Clearly, head-mounted tech is starting to emerge as a trend, and we welcome the competition. Apple was recently granted a patent for its own head-mounted display, and Recon Instruments has been honing its Android-powered HUD ski goggles for the past year. It'll be interesting to see how the tech ultimately fares as it moves from the developer community into the wider consumer base.

Olympus Japan via Engadget