Nvidia Pulls Driver Reportedly Breaking Graphics Cards

If you recently updated your discrete graphics driver, you might want to roll it back to an earlier version. Nvidia pulled version 364.47 of its GeForce graphics driver yesterday (Mar. 8), after some users reported issues that arose after installation. Impacted gamers claim they've been hit by bugs, ranging from freezing to visual glitches to cards being allegedly broken from overheating.  

While Nvidia has pulled the driver, it has not confirmed any reported problems and attributed its decision to "a critical installation issue" encountered by users who chose the Express installation option. The company further advised users to not install 364.47, no matter which settings they choose.

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The timing could not be worse for some gamers, as Nvidia released the driver to support the hotly anticipated "Tom Clancy's The Division." Gamers who installed version 364.47 will likely want to replace it with Nvidia's newly released beta driver (version 364.51).

Users wary of getting burned by a beta version should wait for the Windows Hardware Quality Labs-approved version, which Nvidia's statement references, but does not provide a schedule for.

Even gamers who weren't looking to enter the world of The Division had reason to download version 364.47 immediately, as it added support for the low-overhead, cross-platform 3D graphics Vulkan API.