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Nokia QWERTY Phone Set for Wednesday Debut

Most smartphones have ditched the QWERTY keyboard, but Nokia looks set to reverse that trend. The Finnish phone manufacturer said in a blog post Monday that it will announce "something new" on Wednesday April 24, showing only a picture of the edge of a smartphone with a physical keyboard on it.

In the picture the bezel is rounded, following Nokia's recent design language. It's impossible to tell whether the device is running Nokia's homegrown Series 40 operating system or Windows Phone since a blank screen is pictured -- but we can take a few guesses based on what little information we do have.

No current Windows Phones have QWERTY keyboards, but Dell used to make the Venus Pro 7, which had Windows Phone 7 with a slideout keyboard. However, it's also possible that this phone is part of Nokia's Asha line, a series of budget smartphones and feature phones that have Nokia's Series 40 OS.

Whatever it is, Nokia promises that we'll find out Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. GMT.