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Nokia Engineer Hacks Windows 8 Games, Publishes Findings

As if lackluster Surface and Windows 8 sales weren't enough; now Microsoft has to combat a five-finger discount issue. Justin Angel, a Nokia engineer assigned to work on Windows Phone, has figured out how to hack Windows 8 games to avoid ponying up for in-game purchases.

On his website, which is currently down, Angel uses the game "Soulcraft" as an example of how one could modify parts of a game to avoid ponying up for in-game purchases. Angel states that "storing encrypted data locally, alongside with the algorithm and the algorithm key/hash is a recipe for security incidents.

Angel also demonstrates how Windows 8 users could remove ads from games and manipulate trial versions of games to unlock the full release for free. On top of that, intrepid hackers could alter the price of in-game items and unlock levels in games like ""Cut The Rope".

Between cracks and serial key generators, sales of Windows games have long suffered due to hackers. Based on Justin Angel's findings, it looks as if Microsoft and game developers have yet to get this revenue-killing monkey off of their backs.

via The Verge