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No One Wants a Facebook Phone, Survey Says


As popular as Facebook is, it turns out the potential Facebook Phone doesn't have the same popularity. In fact, the Facebook Phone is like that kid that no one wants to sit next to at lunch, with a recent Amazon report finding that 82 percent of those polled wouldn't even consider buying the phone.

On top of that, Facebook didn't fare too well in other departments. The social network came in last in platform rankings, falling to big players such as Apple and Android/Google, as well as third to last in the popularity contest. Only Samsung and Sony came behind Facebook, showing that users prefer Apple and Android when it comes to the devices, music and cloud experience.

Of course, take into account that as of this time Facebook hasn't even confirmed a phone specifically catered toward the social network. With much speculation running rampant and no true facts, we could see people being skeptical about committing to the Facebook Phone right now. Perhaps after Facebook's event today there will be more converts, as 15 percent of those surveyed said they would need to know more about the phone before making a decision.

This study, which was conducted using the Bizrate Insights survey platform and collected data from 3,269 online buyers between March 11 and March 14, also found that interest in an Amazon phone is also low. Rumors of an Amazon Kindle smartphone have been making the rounds for awhile, but 66 percent of those surveyed said they wouldn't even consider purchasing the smartphone and accompanying Amazon phone service.