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Nexus 4 With LTE and 32GB of Strorage Rumored for Google I/O

Google may unveil a new Nexus phone at its I/O conference next month, but don’t expect a Nexus 5. A new rumor suggests that a refreshed version of the Nexus 4 could be in the works.

Google is allegedly gearing up to launch a 32GB Nexus 4 with CDMA and LTE radios inside, according to SidhTech. Currently the Nexus 4 is only available in 8GB or 16GB variants and doesn’t support LTE connectivity.

Releasing an LTE-enabled Nexus 4w with CDMA could be a smart move for Google. The company struggled to keep the handset in stock in the Google Play store following its November launch, but the phone only works on GSMA carriers AT&T and T-Mobile and only in 3G. By adding CDMA, the Nexus 4 could work on Verizon and/or Sprint and offer blazing 4G speeds. Hackers have found ways to tinker with the Nexus 4’s inner workings to enable T-Mobile LTE in certain areas, but an official LTE build could get T-Mobile or AT&T LTE everywhere it's available.

That’s not to say Google won’t eventually launch a Nexus 5, but we just may not see it at this year’s I/O. Rumors suggest that the next-generation Nexus smartphone could feature Nikon camera technology, a 5.2-inch OLED display with a 1920 x 1080-pixel resolution and a 2.3-GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU. 

via SidhTech