New MSI Wind Battery Provides 7.5 Hours of Battery Life

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Like most of you, I’m very much in favor of long battery life for my notebook and especially my netbook. I prefer to get a good, long-lasting battery with my computer when I buy it, but for something that will give me all-day power, I’m willing to buy another one. Up until last week, the MSI Wind got the best battery power of any netbook we’d seen. The Samsung NC10 surpassed it at about 6.5 hours on 40% brightness with a six-cell battery, which is pretty impressive. But in my heart of hearts, I’m looking to get seven hours or more, if I can. It’s possible, but requires a bigger battery; a much bigger battery. We got a third party 9-cell battery for the MSI Wind and tested it out. The result was an astonishing 7 hours and 32 minutes of battery life. A very happy result. We also tested a three-cell, just to see what kind of life it would get. A paltry 2 hours and 7 minutes resulted. So if you’re looking for an all day netbook, 9 cells is the way to go. At least for the MSI Wind.

There are some drawbacks, though.  First, the price.  The battery we tested is available for $179.95 at Lion Battery (pre-orders only for now).  That's pretty hefty, especially if you've already spent around $500 - $600 for the netbook itself. Also, the nine-cell is bulkier than the 6 or 3-cell units. The battery we have is flush with the back of the unit so that the extra bulk ends up below. The tilt isn’t bad as the unit is only raised about 3/4ths of an inch, but it is significant. And with the 9-cell in, the laptop weighs 3.2 pounds. With the 6-cell it’s 2.6 pounds, more than half a pound lighter. And with netbooks, being lightweight is key. Which is more important to you: longer battery life or a lighter netbook?  Which stings more: the extra weight or the extra cost? If price didn't matter, I would opt for longer battery life, because 3.2 pounds is still pretty light. If the system were 4 or 5 pounds, I might have to think about it more. I do wish that there was a way to make the extended battery less extended (physically). I like that with the Blue Label Toshiba E105 more space was found in the machine itself so that the battery is flush with the outside. With netbooks, that may not be an option, as they're already packed into a tiny space. I guess I’ll just have to wait for the day when batteries themselves are smaller, or the hand-crank comes into style.
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  • Luke Page Says:

    I got this laptop 5 months ago preowned and the battery life is barely 1.5 hours and i took good care of my battery. if anyone can give me any hints to extend the battery life that would be great!!!!!

  • Chingy Says:

    anyone of you who has an asus 1005P? we've got ubuntu lucid installed but it is only giving us 5hrs battery life. Asus promised 11hrs with their super hybrid engine (SHE). I dont know if I should have my batt replaced. We have 6 cell 48wh battery.
    Can anyone help?

  • Take Says:

    I am echoing koo's question.
    I purchased a U135 but can only find replacement batteries for U100 series---are they compatible?
    Somebody please help!

  • koo Says:

    Does anyone know if the U100 series battery will work on the U135?

    The model on the battery for the 135 says BTY-s11 and the models on ebay are the same but do not list the U135 as compatible...

    It would be great if someone knows?

  • Nowaker Says:

    According to your chart, you say the netbook can work 7 hours on a 9-cell battery. But what was the environment of the test? Was WiFi in use? Did you work or just turn on the netbook and wait until discharged?

    I have got Asus Eee 1005HA-BLK059S (Atom N270, 5800 mAh / 63 Wh battery). I can work 7,5 hours (websurfing, irc, writing some documents) or 6,5 hours (programming in NetBeans which is not lightweight).

  • Nelle Says:

    Update this post. The new U110 ECO just came out. A 9-cell battery that provides 15+ hours of battery life. I didn't believe it when I read the first review, but after doing some research and talking to users...the 15+ hours of life is legit. Good post though. Love the details and the realistic pictures :)


    After doing some research, I settled on the MSI Wind U100-641US. It needed to have the Atom and MS OS (which is standard these days), but this model has 3 USB inputs, a VGA out, and perhaps more importantly-- one of the last models upgradable to 2GB of memory.

    I went with the 10" screen because the platform was the same size either way. Battery life was not adequate, so I spent $100 (shipped) on the 9-cell battery. Got the battery from ebuybatteries, aka ETECH. No issues with the product and it arrived promptly. I'd buy from them again.

    The netbook is great for what it is. I like to watch streaming videos in bed, or Google things as I'm watching the tube. It's good for that. No problems with the keyboard or pad. (You learn to use the up/down arrows on the keyboard.)

    With a wireless mouse, the unit is more user friendly. The wireless range is great, btw. I feel I made a smart purchase.

  • lippu Says:

    i think it's very good, cause we need a long life battery

  • Gogopower Says:

    The 6 cell and 9 cell battey for the MSI Wind u100 Laptop are available here, And there are two colors to choose.

    All orders are free shipping.


  • Jennifer @ 123bargains Says:

    Just to update, I ended up exchanging the MSI Wind 3 cell for a 6 cell battery one. It lasts much longer. I also noticed that the 6 cell battery also sticks out at the bottom like the one shown in the picture. It is heavier and bulkier, but still I think it's worth it for the extra battery life.

  • Jennifer @ 123bargains - find notebook deals Says:

    Just picked up an MSI wind last weekend. It's a nice little computer but the battery was only a 3 cell. I would love to get the 9 cell battery and I don't really mind the extra half a pound as it is probably minimal for the difference in battery life. The price is a little high though as it is almost what I paid for the actual netbook. I got the MSI wind 1G with the 3 cell battery for $299 so the battery seems pretty expensive. How much is the 6 cell battery? Hopefully the battery prices will come down soon.

  • niels Says:

    I think the saved weight of not having to carry a battery charger with you everyday more than makes up the added weight of the larger battery.

    The tilt is another story entirely. Netbook manufacturers, look at IBM's old X-series!

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