How Much Battery Power Is Enough For A Netbook?

The netbook market is getting a bit crowded, but consumer passion for mini-notebooks isn’t going to end anytime soon. Though many have similar specs and sizes, one potentially major difference is the battery each unit ships with.

The original Eee PC came with a battery that had a three hour life, give or take, and newer models have improved upon that time. But other netbook manufacturers seem reluctant to ship devices with extended batteries, sometimes saddling users with 3-cell systems that only last about two hours at best. The reasoning behind this? The reigning theory around here is that it has to do with price, but I’ve heard that manufacturers seem to think that people don’t use tiny netbooks for more than a few hours at a time, so what does it matter, anyway?

Being a netbook junkie myself, I say: wrong! One of the reasons I want a tiny, portable notebook is so I can use it anywhere. And that "Where" usually includes places where I can’t plug in. Am I alone?

How much battery power is enough for a netbook? 2 hours? 3? Or do you feel, as I do, that the standard should be closer to 5 or even 8?