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Karotz Smart Rabbit Connects to Facebook and Twitter

LAS VEGAS -- Our favorite glowing robo-rabbit gets even better with the latest updates announced at CES 2012. French company Violet gave Karotz' U.S.-only version a social-networking emphasis, letting users connect the smart rabbit to their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

In addition to delivering your social media fix, the rabbit allows your friends to send you messages and audio files, and they can move Karotz' ears remotely. Rabbit owners can also record and post audio files as status updates. A free Karotz Controller app for both Android and iOS devices lets users sync their accounts with the rabbit to get updates and more.

Karotz features a 400-MHz ARM processor and comes with 256MB of memory. It sports an RFID reader, webcam, integrated speakers and microphone, as well as a Wi-Fi antenna. Karotz speaks four languages: English, French, German and Spanish. You can make Karotz read you news, weather and sports from the web, as well as for free phone calls, listening to music and waking you in the morning.

Karotz is now available for $129 at U.S. sites, including Amazon,, and, in addition to the Karotz website.