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Navizon's New Location Technology Lets You Find Your Friends Indoors

GPS has established itself as the navigation technology people turn to when cruising roads and highways, but what about simpler predicaments—like when you've lost a friend inside the mall? Navizon has the answer for that.

The company's new location technology, Navizon Indoor Triangulation System (I.T.S.), is touted as the first global micropositioning system that works both outdoors and indoors. It combines GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular signals to detect the location of Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones, tablets, and laptops, all with real-time accuracy. The technology even works in three-dimensional areas--so you're covered, even when you dither around multi-level buildings or multi-building campuses.

The technology is being pushed for use particularly in government buildings, tourist attractions, retail stores, and shopping malls, where businesses and managers can track consumer traffic patterns, identify trends, and monitor crowd movement and security risks. The system is available for order now and starts at $350/month. You can learn more about the new technology on Navizon's official website.