Mystery Motorola Smartphone Allegedly Leaked In New Video

Images and video of an unidentified Motorola smartphone have appeared on Vietnamese website, strengthening rumors about Motorola and Google’s mysterious “X” handset. Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal reported that this new “X” smartphone would be separate from Motorola’s line of Droid devices and would serve as another product line altogether.

The phone in the video seems to be an early prototype, but Motorola will have to step up its game with its next flagship given Google’s recent comments about the manufacturer’s upcoming products. The video compares this unidentified Motorola handset alongside Apple’s iPhone 5, showing that the two are similar in size. The device appears to be thinner and sleeker than Motorola’s line of existing Android-based smartphones such as the Droid RAZR line.

According to the footage, this unconfirmed device comes with a smooth, nonremovable back plate with Motorola’s logo stamped in the middle. The software resembles a stock version of Android judging by the visible clock widget, but little else can be determined.

This video follows a purportedly leaked image and spec list that are believed to be in reference to Motorola’s “X” smartphone. Yesterday, AndroidWorld posted a photo of a shadowy Motorola handset with a logo that spells “Motorola nXt” alongside it. The image is unclear, but the form factor looks slightly different from what we’ve seen in today’s video. The phone’s edges are much sharper and more angular than the soft corners depicted in the clip on

Google recently laid off 1,200 Motorola employees following a massive staff cut of 4,200 this past August. The search engine giant slammed Motorola earlier this month for a lack of “innovative” and “transformative” products.

Can Motorola’s mysterious new handset bring back the innovation Google is looking for? Check out the video below to see for yourself. 

Lisa Eadicicco
LAPTOP Staff Writer
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