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Mystery BlackBerry 10 Devices Hit FCC with AT&T LTE Support

BlackBerry 10 appears to be right on track for RIM's promised January 30th launch date. Over the weekend, a pair of BlackBerry mystery devices reared their heads at the FCC. The paperwork provides few tantalizing clues, but one set of certifications suggests that RIM's last, great hope will find a home on AT&T Wireless.

The mysterious BlackBerry RFF91LW (shown in its censored glory above) breezed through FCC tests sporting the BlackBerry 10.0.9 OS, support for several international radio frequencies, and domestic GSM and LTE support for AT&T's wireless bands. The shape of the handset indicates that it's one of the touchscreen varieties rather than a squat N-series phone (which sport physical QWERTY keyboards and a 720 x 720 screen resolution). That being said, it's unclear if the phone is the Dev Alpha phone we've seen time and time again or the elusive L-series production model.

The second model to wind its way through the FCC, the RFH121LW, didn't even reveal that much. Its regulatory appearance does, however, indicate that RIM is getting its ducks in a row well before BB10's January 30th unveiling. The company has already pushed the BB10 Gold SDK to BlackBerry developers and introduced a BlackBerry Messenger update that introduced VoIP over Wi-Fi, with video calling capabilities rumored to be incoming when the first BlackBerry 10 devices—like the RFH121LW and RFF91LW—hit the streets.

Via Engadget