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Mobile World Congress 2013: 5 Things We Expect to See, 5 We Don't

When the world gathers for the largest dedicated mobile tradeshow in Barcelona next week, we'll be there to report on all the new products and trends. This year's show promises a number of key product launches, but also a number of snubs as many highly-anticipated devices won't bow until later in the spring. Here are five things we expect to see and five we don't.

What We Expect to See:

  1. Several new LG Phones: Earlier this month, LG released a teaser video and put a graphic on its Facebook page saying "New Series will be unveiled." The company also announced its Optimus G Pro in Korea. We expect to see the Optimus G Pro and a slew of other LG devices when we attend the company's press conference on February 25th.
  2. Dual-Core Intel Phones: At CES, Intel announced the Clovertrail+ plaform, its first dual-core CPU for phones. Lenovo already unveiled its IdeaPhone K900 with Clovertrail+ as CES, but we expect to see more devices with this new processor at Mobile World Congress.
  3. New Value-Priced Nokia Phones: At last year's Mobile World Congress, Nokia released its budget-minded Lumia 610, along with its 41-MP Nokia 808 Pureview handset. It's probably too soon for Nokia to release a replacement for its flagship Lumia 920 phone, but we expect the company to release some more value-oriented Windows Phone handsets at its February 25th press conference.
  4. Tegra 4 Devices: In the past week, Nvidia has made a couple of major announcements, releasing its mid-range Tegra 4i CPU with built-in LTE modem and telling the world that ZTE will be using its high-end Tegra 4 CPU in Android phones. Expect to see more Tegra 4 devices at Mobile World Congress.
  5. Key Lime Clues: Last year, Google hinted that its next Android version would be Jellybean by displaying a bowl of jellybeans in the middle of its booth. Since most expect the next version of Android to be code-named Key Lime Pie, we'll probably see some subtle visuals related to that food in the Android Zone. Perhaps the company will even give away pieces of pie.

What We Won't See

  1. The Next Windows Phone: At Mobile World Congress 2011, Microsoft demonstrated new multitasking and web browsing capabilities for Windows Phone. Last year, the company showed how a revised Windows Phone 7.5 could be used with lower-end hardware. This year, we haven't heard about any serious Microsoft briefings, leading us to believe that the company won't be sharing any details about the next version of its mobile OS.
  2. The Samsung Galaxy S IV: In 2011, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S II at Mobile World Congress. However, last year, the company decided to hold its Galaxy S III launch event several weeks after the show. It's safe to assume that the company will save its flagship phone launch for later. We're hearing March 14th.
  3. New HTC Phones: HTC announced its new HTC One phone a full six days before the start of Mobile World Congress. The company has no press events planned in Barcelona, having already showed off its new product in New York and London.
  4. New Nexus Devices: Google runs a giant Android space at Mobile World Congress, but the company never announces new products at the show. The Chromebook Pixel was announced at is own event and, by the same token, we don't expect to see the rumored Motorola X Phone or a new Nexus 10 or Nexus 7 in Barcelona. These products will either bow at their own dedicated events or at Google I/O in May.
  5. U.S. Carrier Announcements: Each year, the four largest U.S. carriers set up huge booths at Mobile World Congress then do nothing newsworthy. Even though the show is called Mobile "World" Congress, we probably won't hear anything about U.S. availability of any of the phones announced in Barcelona.