Muvee Unveils HD Video Editing Tool for Android

A company with a long history in mobile video since the days of the first Nokia N90 for Symbian, Muvee has a new solution up its sleeve. According to Muvee, this new technology will allow for fast video edits right on Android smart phones.

Based on CODEN (Compressed Domain Editing Engine), a platform which Muvee had previously announced, these new tools will allow for quick editing of HD video on mobile Android devices, without the need for the robust CPU horsepower resident on more powerful laptop and desktop computers.

We met with Terence Swee, Founder and CEO of Movee to find out how it works. According the Mr. Swee, today's smart phones have become both extremely powerful video capture and computing devices , or as he jokingly put it "Camputers". The problem, says Twee, is that the image capture prowess of phones has not kept up with their CPU might.

Muvee circumvents his issue by editing and altering only the software container of video, and not working with the raw and copious amount of data within. The result is nimble editing which we observed first hand. Sadly, this Muvee platform is being pitched to wireless carriers, and not directly to consumers via an app in the Android Market. This video lays out the basic operation.

That said, Muvee also demoed an interesting Android app that the company is working on, called the Social Picture Frame. It, as it's name implies, will pull images from various social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. It will also integrate heavily with these services. Take a look at our video for a better view.

LAPTOP Senior Writer