MSI Wind Sold as Medion Akoya Mini in Germany

Americans are patiently waiting until July 7 to get their hands on an MSI Wind. But not Germans. German consumer-electronics manufacter Medion is bringing its Akoya Mini E1210, a rebranded and recolored MSI Wind, to Deutschland for 399. Oh, and did we mention those Germans get it this week? The machine sporting almost identical specs to the Wind will be on sale at German ALDI this Wednesday, July 3.

The Akoya Mini has a 10-inch with a 1024 × 600-pixel resolution and looks like the MSI's identical twin in the shots below. While it might lack the Bluetooth found in the Wind, it is bundled with Corel's WordPerfect. I have reached out to Medion to see if the Akoya Mini will make a stateside appearance, but it looks like U.S. patriots will be waiting for the Wind over the Independence Day weekend. In the meantime, you can buy this MSI Wind e-mail address on eBay. Hey, it's free shipping!