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Mozilla Planning 'Boot to Gecko' Browser-Only OS for Mobile

Looks like Mozilla, non-profit makers of the Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail client, is planning its own browser-only OS. Based on the Android kernel, the "Boot to Gecko" operating system will allow your phone or tablet to start up and go straight to a Firefox-like web browser to run web apps. Just like Chrome OS and Splashtop  OS, the new operating system will be little more than an HTML 5 compatible browser that runs web apps. 

By using the Android kernel, Mozilla hopes to make "Boot to Gecko" compatible with today's top Android handsets and tablets. The organization also hopes to create a series of new APIs that will allow web app developers to access the hardware (camera, bluetooth, NFC, etc) so that site you visit will, for example, be able to help you take photos. 

No word yet on when the "Boot to Gecko" project may have a usable beta build we can test or what devices it will work on so stay tuned.

via Engadget and SiliconFilter