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Mozilla Announces Multiplatform Release of Firefox 5

Mozilla released its anticipated Firefox 5 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android on Tuesday--the company's first major product release since announcing its rapid development cycle initiative. Mozilla says the new software offers more than 1,000 improvements and enhancements to its popular web browser and includes support to help developers build Firefox add-ons, web applications, and websites.

The Android version includes Firefox's Do Not Track feature, which lets users tell websites they want to opt-out of online behavior tracking giving them control over the way their browsing habits are tracked and used on the online. The release also makes the Do Not Track feature easier to find under the browsers options menu for Windows, Mac and Linux users. 3G users should also notice an uptick in page loading speeds with the update.

The release adds support for the CSS Animations standard for Windows, Linux and Mac and includes Mozilla Hacks, a tutorial on CSS animations, as well as a blog post explaining what developers can create using Firefox. Other improvements included updated canvas, JavaScript, memory and networking performance; improved HTML5 support and desktop environment integration for Linux users; and fixes to several stability and server issues.

Stay tuned for our full hands-on impressions.