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Mobile Video App Magisto Gets Advanced Photo Features

Instagram initiated a new age in mobile photography, making editing, interacting and sharing an easy and fun experience. Mobile video is the next frontier, and without a firm front-runner, companies are trying their best to stand out among the competition. Magisto, which bills itself as a "magical video editor," is unveiling smart photo editing as part of its video editing feature set. Users will be able to modify and embed snapshots into their video footage, creating rich video experiences on the fly.

"We know that when it comes to capturing and sharing life experiences, people don't necessarily distinguish between photos and videos," said Oren Boiman, CEO of Magisto. "We're giving people exponentially more raw material to tell their stories, which in turn offers greater ease in chronicling their lives."

The new smart photo feature will launch at the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas. Magisto will be building a social scrapbook called "Ausin Chronicles," which will have contributions from more than a dozen known personalities in the tech, film and music industries. A few select videos from conference attendees will also make the cut for the "Austin Chronicle," and be spotlighted in the film bash on March 11th.

Initially, Magisto will support up to five photos per video, with premium users having a cap of up to 20. The effects include filters, zooming and simulating action with camera movements. There are even more effects coming soon, such as morphing between faces and creating a 3D effect using foreground and background manipulation. The new features are for iOS only, but the company says that an Android upgrade is on the way.