USB Type-C Dongles Coming to Surface Pro, Surface Laptop

Considering companies like Apple push USB Type-C ports harder than Dwayne Johnson promotes rebooted movie franchises, it was surprising not to see any of those ports on Microsoft's recently announced Surface Pro and Surface Laptop hardware. But fear not,  Microsoft is more than willing to accommodate fans of the future-facing port.

Surface chief Panos Panay told The Verge that the company plans to ship a USB Type-C adapter that plugs into the Surface Pro and Laptop. The dongle will arrive later this year, but Microsoft isn't announcing a specific ship date or price.

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Panay's explanation for the lack of switching to Type-C is simple, and lands a solid swipe against the most-recent MacBooks: "The last thing I want is to take away the port they need today and tomorrow and the next day to achieve a technology milestone where I then put a barrier in front of my customers."

Panay also explained that Microsoft wouldn't switch out the mini DisplayPort connector for Type-C, as that would have taken away "another port that matters," and led to similar grievances.