Microsoft Could Soon Reveal a Dual-Screen Surface (Report)

Dual-screen laptops are coming, and Microsoft won't be left behind.

The software giant reportedly showed employees a video with new Surface devices and dual-screen hardware, according to a report from the Verge. Codenamed Centaurus, the mysterious dual-screen product has reportedly been in development for around two years.

Intel's Twin River concept

While we don't know what form-factor Microsoft has settled on, we do know that Centaurus will be similar to the long-abandoned Courier laptop, and less like the long-rumored Andromeda "pocket PC." Centaurus will form the basis for the upcoming laptop and tablet hybrids and is expected to be the first device to run on Windows Lite. 

Another long-rumored project, Windows Lite is expected to be a lightweight version of Windows designed specifically for dual-screen devices and low-cost Chromebook competitors. While Microsoft hasn't confirmed the OS' existence, all signs point to an official announcement sometime this year.

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That could coincide with the unveiling of Centaurus, which is expected to occur within the next six months, according to the Verge's report.

Rumors of a foldable or dual-screen Surface laptop/tablet hybrid have been floating around for years, and Microsoft even confirmed that it was working on a pocketable Surface. However, that project collapsed and the company was beaten to the punch by Asus and HP, both of which revealed their own dual-screen laptops last month.  

At Computex, Intel revealed concepts for dual-screen laptops, showing laptop makers how they can expand into new form factors. 

After several years of iterating, companies are now venturing into new territory, with dual-screen devices and laptops with foldable displays. Whether you'll be compelled to replace your traditional clamshell laptops with one of these strange gadgets is unknown, but there's no denying that this is an exciting time for laptops.

Phillip Tracy

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