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MetaWatch Adds Some Style with New Design Partnership

No matter how smart a watch might be, no one will wear it if it doesn't look good. The MetaWatch smart watch could certainly use a bump up in the style department and now it's going to get one. The company just announced that they are partnering with Frank Nuovo and Design Studio Nuovo to create sleeker and sexier smart watches. 

If Nuovo's name sounds familiar, it's because he's the former head of Nokia's design strategy and organization group as well as the founding creator, designer and creative director of Vertu, the company that's famous for putting out ridiculously high-end luxury phones. 

Metawatch was created by Bill Geiser and David Rosales, both of whom previously led the Watch Technology Division for Fossil. The watch itself connects to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and displays information such as weather, stock prices, and appointments. It also allows your to control your music and provides vibrating alerts for calls, text messages and emails.

There's no timeline for when we'll see the fruits of this new collaboration, but we're guessing the resulting products will have a much more luxurious flare than MetaWatches that are currently available.