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Mems Cam May Soon Be Improving A Smartphone Camera Near You

DigitalOptics is tired of waiting for your camera to focus whenever you point the lens at something new. That's why it created mems cam, shown at the 2013 Mobile World Congress, a tiny silicon camera module that's ready to get integrated into your favorite smartphone's camera. This module replaces the old hardware that manually adjusted the lens in order to focus on items, allowing the camera to snap directly to the correct length in half the time of current camera.

We were able to see a picture on a smartphone that had the mems cam camera module where there were numerous items, each at different distances from the camera. We could tap on each item in the picture in order to change the focus of the camera. Unlike other smartphones that offer a similar feature, mems cam supports this functionality at full image resolution.

This powerful technology improves existing cameras by offering speed, power reduction, precision and a much smaller size. This technology is brand new, released just last week, but we may seen be seeing mems cam being incorporated into smartphones and tablets across manufacturers, improving the camera experience across the board.