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Marvel Partners with Aurasma To Bring Augmented Reality to Comics

The nostalgic charm of comics lies in how you're forced to imagine the action drawn in those two-dimensional color pages. But don't you ever wish you could just see your favorite superheroes come to life? Well now you can, thanks to Marvel's partnership with AR platform Aurasma, announced today at SXSW. The two companies are aiming to bring augmented reality to Marvel titles, letting readers watch video trailers of books in stores, and see 3D animation, recaps and other extra content just by holding their phones up to the comics' pages.

TechCrunch descibed how Aurasma's augmented reality demonstration worked very well. A phone was pointed at an Iron Man comic book and triggered a giant 3D version of the character to materialize in front of the page, complete with sound, flexing his muscles at the audience.

Both print and digital versions of Marvel comics will reportedly incorporate similar augmented reality content and more, including animated videos, pencils, colors and catch-up information on past issues in a particular series. The features are initially set to appear in an Avengers vs. X-Men series slated to run for several months long later this year. Marvel will also supposedly release free iOS and Android apps to grant readers access to the AR experience.

via TechCrunch