Mariah Carey Demands 802.11n

A contact of mine at the Wi-Fi Alliance just shot me an e-mail telling me that I have got to see Mariah Carey's latest video. My first thought: Why is this guy telling me to watch a video titled "Touch My Body"? I've got to thank him for making my and my colleagues' day. Turns out Mariah's new video stars Jack McBrayer, who plays Kenneth on NBC's 30 Rock. McBrayer plays CompuNerd (i.e., a member of the Geek Squad) who shows up at Carey's house to fix her "all-in-one." The video gets a bit boring, but fast-forward to the end (about 4:02 in the link below) to where you can find the tech punch line. Carey tells CompuNerd: "The download speed was killing me. Please tell me you updated to 802 dot 11 N." Touch my body, upgrade me to N! Check out the full video here. I can't stop asking myself: What is it that Carey will do with this new high speed connection? And which router did CompuNerd set up for her?