Here's When Apple's MacBooks Could Ditch Intel

Apple is definitely planning to move away from Intel in its MacBooks and other macOS devices. But it won't happen anytime soon, according to a new report from long-time Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

In a note to investors this week, Kuo said that he believes Apple will start using its own CPU chips for Macs starting in 2020 or 2021, according to 9to5Mac, which obtained a copy of the note. The company's chip will be based on ARM architecture and could dramatically enhance Mac appeal, according to Kuo.

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He noted that Apple could offer customized chips that would work well with its software and potentially bring its Mac prices down by controlling its own cost structure. Ultimately, though, he believes Apple will generate a hefty profit off the Macs when they're running on Apple's own chips.

A report earlier this year said that Apple is indeed working on build its own chips for Macs and breaking away from Intel. The move could prove to be a problem for Intel, which has supplied chips to Apple's computers for years. It might also fundamentally shift how Apple does business in the PC market by acquiring more control over what's happening inside each device.

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But Kuo's note didn't only focus on Macs. He also said that Apple will continue to rely upon Taiwan Semiconductor for its A-series chips in the iPhone and iPad and likely wouldn't turn to alternatives. And with Apple working on a new Apple Car, Taiwan Semiconductor will similarly get the nod for that technology, according to 9to5Mac.

Of course, the notoriously secretive Apple hasn't commented on its plans for the future, including which chips it might opt for. But Kuo is one of the more reliable Apple handicappers, so there's a good chance he's on to something.

Credit: Laptop Mag