MacBooks Could Finally Get Built-in 4G

Over the past several years, a number of PC laptops and Chromebooks have come with built-in 4G or 3G connectivity. MacBook users have had to rely on Wi-Fi tethering to a phone to stay connected on the road, but that situation could soon be changing. According to a new patent application, Apple could be working on a MacBook with cellular connectivity that's capable of surfing the internet, streaming video and even making calls on the go, without Wi-Fi or a second device.

Like other mobile devices, the MacBook could run on an LTE connection with the kind of transceiver that you'd find in a cell phone, explains Patently Apple

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The new application builds upon two earlier Apple patents, which cover antennas and how they could be housed in a laptop. Other laptops have long had 4G antennas so presumably Apple is trying to add some level of efficiency or compact design to the mix.

While it could be some time before MacBooks will be capable of connecting to the internet without a separate device, this addition could finally bring Apple users parity with their PC counterparts and help business users, who need dedicated 4G the most.

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