Macs to Begin Downloading macOS Sierra Installer Automatically

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MacBooks and Mac desktops will begin downloading the launcher for macOS Sierra automatically beginning today (Oct. 3) if you have automatic downloads turned on in App Store preferences and enough space on your hard drive.

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According to The Loop, this will only download the installer and let you know that the update is ready, but it won't install the update without permission. Earlier this year, Microsoft found itself in hot water when users reported that Windows 10 was being installed on their computers whether they wanted it or not.

Of course, if your computer doesn't meet the minimum specs for Sierra, it won't download the installer. The Loop also reports that computers running low on space will delete the installer if it hasn't been used. 

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The update to macOS Sierra includes new features like a Universal Clipboard with iOS devices and Siri on the Mac.

The automatic downloads will be rolled out over the next week. If you can't wait, you can always download and install macOS Sierra on your own.

[via The Loop]


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