Lenovo's RapidDrive Technology Faster Than a Speeding Hard Drive, Boots in Just Over 10 Seconds

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When Intel announced it was shipping its mSATA SSD 310, which is designed to provide a speedy solid state boot drive for notebooks that also have a full size hard drive, we couldn't wait to see the new how quickly notebooks with the device would boot. At CES, Lenovo demonstrated its IdeaPad Y570 booting in just over 10 seconds using the Intel SSD 310 and special settings such as a fast-posting BIOS and fast-loading drivers, a combination the notebook-maker calls RapidDrive. Needless to say, we had to get this on video so you'll find it below.

Amazingly, what you'll see here is not some kind of theoretical prototype like Phoenix showed us a couple of years ago. It is a product that's about to ship in the next couple of months. RapidDrive will be available as an option not only on most IdeaPads, but also on Lenovo's ThinkPad line as well. By our count, it's about 14 seconds from the time the finger leaves the power button until you see the browser (which contains a time benchmark you can't read). Check out the video below to see for yourself.

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  • webee Says:

    waiting for the review of lenovo Y560p and Y570, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Martin Berman Says:

    Wow . . . its almost as fast as my Acer Aspire One, running Linux and with a SSD . . . which boots completely from cold in 11 seconds flat; and only cost me £180 (about $220)

  • Renato S. Yamane Says:

    My Thinkpad T61 with Hitachi HDD replaced by an Intel X25-M (SSD) boot my Debian Squeeze in 25 seconds (fresh boot, and not a hibernate/sleep as showed in your video).

    Renato S. Yamane

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