Lenovo's IdeaPad Y550P: The Most Powerful Core i7 Notebook?

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y550PLenovo announced three new Windows 7-powered IdeaPad laptops today – the U150, U550, and Y550P. The first two emphasize portability and long life, but the Y550P’s focus is power. Sporting Intel’s new Core i7 processor (which includes Turbo Boost technology), up to 8GB of RAM, and an NVIDIA GeForce 240M graphics card, the Y550P is looking to capture the hearts of gamers and multimedia mavens. Lenovo claims that this is the most powerful laptop with Core i7 inside.

The 15.6-inch system incorporates a 1366x768 HD display and the option for including a Blu-ray drive. Though we often find laptop speakers lacking, the promise of an integrated sub-woofer is intriguing, as is the automatic theater quality audio/video optimization.

The 6.1 pound, 15.2 x 10.0 x 1.5 inch system is similar in style to the aesthetically impressive IdeaPad Y450. The keyboard and touchpad look unchanged, though there is one addition to the deck: a touch-sensitive slide bar. SlideNav is designed to help users navigate programs, documents and shortcuts, unobtrusively blending into the deck when not in use. Lenovo has often emphasized good design in their consumer laptops, and we’re happy to see this trend continue.

The Y550P will come with Windows 7 Home Premium which also includes the Lenovo Enhanced Experience. Lenovo and Microsoft worked together to bring a set of features, tools and optimizations to Windows 7 that promises to make selected IdeaPad laptops boot and shut down faster, make maintenance easy, and deliver richer entertainment and graphics. Faster boot times are always welcome, and we’re definitely eager to hear the claimed difference in audio.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y550P will likely retail for around $1399 and should be available to consumers in mid-November.

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  • Tondo Says:

    I owe one too... It's good, BUT there are some things, witch I was very displeased with:
    1.) A lot of useless software - I spent for an hour with uninstalling it.
    2.) Some HW (like some Razer mice) are not very friendly with this PC, esp. with win 7 64.
    3.) It uses to be VERY hot, if I play some game for a long time. I owe a desk with three cooling air blowers and laptop is hot on the top near touchpad.
    4.) HDD could be faster (let's say 7200rpm)

    The last issue I have to deal with is, that the LCD sometimes, when it should turn off (hybernate mode/sleeping mode/even when laptop is turned off) starts to glow - bright wihite. I'm forced to detach the battery, if I want to turn off. It happend 2 times in three weeks(it's time I owe it), so I'm forced to return it...


  • nick Says:

    Works great.
    Got it for 3d effects, gaming, hacking, etc.,
    Yes it mets my standards

    A few things you need to get or change out.
    1. a cooling mat system, if the laptop cpu get up to 10% and ram 50% you will notice a change in temperature and you'll fell it thru keyboard
    2. 3D glasses, for hdmi or vga output, yea nvidia 3d vision
    3. a solid state hard drive, this thing is loud sometimes like if you run a 11gb game like modernware 2.
    4.A MIC, They sat the mic beside hard drive and fan,smart design, huh

    Overall good buy.
    I play my games in 3D.
    Got a side job, because of this laptop.(improving security-firewall,av,etc.,)

  • William Kunkel Says:

    I own one of these and I am very pleased with the purchase and performance.

    I would recommend uninstalling the Veriface (esp if you wear glasses) and the ReadyComm application included Lenovo software as they bog the system down.

    Other than that very good. Also I used the DPC Latency checking utility which shows sub 1000 scores /very low latencies and that the unit "...should be able to handle real-time streaming of audio and/or video..."

    I found that if I disabled the on-board Broadcom gigabit ethernet that the DPC latencies were better. Also disabling the 5300AGN card further reduced latencies into the sub 500 range. At the time the driver version was (9/2009)

  • Nick Kleeman Says:

    I will be getting one of these in the next few days I am ordering it today. I post back with the speaker, and boot up and shut down information. Its $999.99 on newegg with free shipping, no blu-ray but thats ok.

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