BIOS Update Will Put Linux Back on Popular Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo's Yoga 900 and IdeaPad 710S shipped without the ability to run Linux or other operating systems, and open-source enthusiasts were less than pleased. Lenovo has remedied the issue, and both laptops will finally be able to run free operating systems.

The issue, by the way, had to do with the fact that there weren't Linux drivers compatible with these laptops' storage configurations. 

So Lenovo released a workaround -- one with a giant catch. The company has provided Linux-only BIOS options for both notebooks. These BIOS are not meant to be used with Windows, and Lenovo isn't even officially supporting them.

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"The user assumes the risk of any un-intended or performance degradation risks that may be associated with using this BIOS," a representative wrote on Lenovo's forums.

There's no gray area here. If you want Linux, you can run it, but you can't use Windows. If you want Windows, Linux won't work. In the same forum thread, some have said they've managed to dual-boot, but this is more experimenting that Lenovo won't back you up on if something goes wrong.

 [via Lilputing]

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