Lenovo Enters the Mini-Notebook Market with the IdeaPad S10

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Rumors of Lenovo entering the mini-notebook space end here and now. Lenovo officially announced this morning its IdeaPad S10 - a 10-inch mini-notebook running the 1.6GHz Intel Atom chipset. Do we have a MSI Wind or Eee PC 1000H killer on our hands? Quite possibly.

Two configurations of the 9.8 x 7.2 x .8-1.08-inch and 2.4-pound S10 will be available in the U.S. Priced at $399, one will have 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive. The other marked at $449.99 will have 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive. The specs seem to indicate that the system will support 2GB of RAM, so we assume swapping out RAM will be easy.

Initially the netbook will come preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP. However, Lenovo told us that a version of the S10 running Linpus Linux will be available is other countries.

We cannot wait to get our hands on the mini-notebook as the keyboard is reportedly "85 percent of the size of a full-function notebook PC’s keyboard." A close look at the pictures in the gallery below strongly suggest a large and comfortable touchpad with dedicated right and left mouse buttons. The touchpad will support multi-touch gestures. The 10-inch 1024 x 600-pixel (WSVGA) resolution screen also looks extremely promising and is LED backlit for power saving. The speakers lining the front of the system also give it a different look and will hopefully blast out some decent sound as they aren't buried on the bottom.

Lenovo has seemed to work in all the important ports. The netbook includes Bluetooth connectivity, 802.11b/g , and an ExpressCard for popping in a mobile broadband card. It also sports a LAN connection and VGA-out. It has a 1.3-megapixel webcam, two USB ports, mic and headphone jacks, and a 4-in-1 card reader. I am hesitant about only 2 USB ports.

As for battery life, Lenovo is promising that the system will be available with a 3-cell battery, capable of 3 hours, and 6-cell, capable of lasting 6 hours.

The IdeaPad S10 will come in white, black, and a glossy ruby red. It will be on retail shelves in the U.S. on September 28 and perhaps on Lenovo.com a bit earlier. It will be available in China, however, on September 5 and in the far east on September 10.

A version of the S10 with a 9-inch screen will be available in select countries such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, India, France, Turkey, Poland, and others.

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    I need a Lenovo Mini Laptop with Windows XP and a minimum of 80GB hard disk, Quantity 2 nos.


  • cpchouhan Says:

    15000 RS. Lo Price Mini Laptop 250 HDD, 1GB RAM , DVD RW ,WEB CAM

  • soumya Says:

    it is a Amazing and Attractive and Sexy model.I like it......

  • kenny Says:

    who to know how to recovery lenovo S10?

  • hdsrujdsrbdsfew Says:

    can one online game run in this notebook thing?? because I dont have enough to buy a gaming laptop, so im just planning to buy this one coZ I need it for school anyway, but I want to equip it with the online game that i really really love playing.. can this notebook thing handle that game?

  • K. T. Bradford Says:

    Yes, you can.

  • m mitra Says:

    can I attached a cd drive to the mini lenovo notebook through the USB port? please reply early as it isvvery urgent

  • Ken Says:

    Lenovo is making a serious mistake by not providing a mini computer model with a Trackpoint -- that is the feature that most IBM/Lenovo customers come to expect and rely on with their notebook computers.
    The trackpoint, once you get used to it which doesn't take long, is far superior to any touchpad -- you are not even aware of using it after awhile and it doesn't slow you down as much as a touchpad -- it also offers a lot more control.

    Right now there is no mini computer I am aware of that comes with a trackpoint. If nothing else, Lenovo would carve out a niche for customers like me and those of you who agree with me.

  • doomble Says:

    good laptop and low price, but i want high ram more than 512 MB

  • Jon G Says:

    I purchased one a month ago and love it!

  • honey Says:

    I just brought a s10 ..... black one and I loe it

  • Mark Wilson Says:

    Here's one thing the Asus (and Acer) models are not very user friendly for... my fat fingers!!! I just keep on hitting the wrong keys with the tiny keyboard.

    I'd love to know how this compares with the Dell Mini 9. I think I'll go for the Lenovo based on the fact that my ThinkPad is the most solidly-built notebook I've ever owned (better than my Apple MacBook); SATA hard disk not solid state; larger keyboard; express card slot. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say though...

    And is it always white inside? The pictures I've seen for the UK model are all-black.. I'd love that red one if it wasn't for the white bits...

  • Smriti Says:

    Its looks good but don't think can compete with ASUS EEE Pc on apple 2 apple comparision.EEE seems to be a far better option when its to features and is very user friendly

  • anil kumar Says:

    Does this comes with recovery CD and Drivers as it comes along with Asus Netbooks

  • nisha singhal Says:

    Well,it seems to be good but not better then the Asus 1000H,it has 2 usb 2.0 compared to 3 in Asus 1000H,battery life is better in asus 1000H,it has 802.11 b/g while asus 1000H has 802.11 b/g/n much faster then the others.Key pad is again smaller when compared to Asus 1000H,Asus 1000H is dolby certified the other is not. So we can say that it will take time for others for being a killer for Asus 1000h.It is totally not justified to compare Acer,Msi and Lenovo with their Papa Asus.

  • Jason Says:

    I'd like to know that too.. I'd love to play with OSX

  • Bernard Says:

    @ Mike & Roth: Has anyone actually installed OS X onto the Lenovo S10? It's all very well to speculate, but I really want to know if this Lenovo S10 can be a Mac.

  • lenovo ideapad S10 Says:

    I saw this up for cheap over at consumercowboy a few weeks ago for $363 with a coupon

  • Roth Says:

    @Mike Cane Sure, if you're ok with not having wifi with your mac os x (barring a usb wifi adapter). At the very least, I'm sure that S10 will support mac os x and internal wifi as the S10 has a broadcom chip in its wifi module which is known to work with the mac os x.

  • Chucky Says:

    only if it have the TrackPoint like the thinkpad have then it would be my dream laptop. The only reason I chooce lenovo over other brand is their TrackPoint mouse pointer.........

  • WoodSurfer Says:

    Looks like a great second laptop (MacBook will always be the first!). Better with the XP X-ed and Linux installed (don't know about Linpus but I'll bet it'd be rockin' with Ubuntu). I'll take one in _red_!

  • DougC-3 Says:

    Three USB ports would be nice, but I would gladly trade one of them for the ExpressCard slot and maybe throw in $50 to boot... But it appears that the black one has a white keyboard... :(

  • Mike Cane Says:

    The MSI Wind has the current advantage if you are interested in putting Apple's Mac OS X on a subnote.

  • Marc Says:

    With Dell and Lenovo on the near horiszon, what's a person to buy? Is the Wind the best choice, or just the best choice for now? Amazon.com has them in stock at $549....tempting, but I'll wait a few more weeks before buying anything....

  • Fred Dunn Says:

    SWEET! I was waiting for the MSI Wind but had issues with the trackpad button being a one piece that "see-saw"'ed instead of 2 discreet buttons and I like it being Lenovo on top of much more HDD.

  • paul_ph Says:

    Im planning to buy the $399 Acer Aspire One with 120GB HDD. Seeing that this Netbook comes with 160GB HDD for the same price as the Acer One, best bet would be to wait for this product so that I can compare Acer vs Lenovo. - (Acer no BT, Lenovo w/ BT)

  • Mike Cane Says:

    jkkmobile has two vids. Keyboard looks better than the U110.

  • Mike Cane Says:

    Hmph! Joanna answers others' questions, never mine. *whine* (yes, I'll have some cheez with that!)

    What do you have against just 2 USB ports? I just hope one is powered host!

    Don't know about this otherwise. The U110 has a terrible keyboard and all that gloss gives it an infection-incubating slime.

  • Joanna Stern Says:

    Nova: According to the Reviewer Quick Fact Sheet I am looking at from Lenovo Bluetooth is listed. From the system specs page: "Integrated Wireless 802.11 b/g,10/100 Ethernet, Bluetooth"

  • Nova Says:

    Wait a second Laptop Mag...

    Are you sure about BlueTooth on the S10?

    I just perused the Businesswire link you posted, and there's no mention of BT in there.

  • ZeroCrash Says:

    I'm totally in love with this IdeaPad S10... I'll be following this!

  • Nova Says:

    Looks good so far. And only 1 inch thick? Very nice! Seems like a perfect combo of the EeePC 1000H and MSI Wind, but slimmer. Although I'm guessing the 6 cell battery will make it thicker.

    My Asus EeePC 1000H arrives this week, but I'll be following the Lenovo for sure. If it turns out as good as it seems in this preview, I may sell the Asus eventually.

  • Rich Says:

    The build quality needs yet to be seenin the flesh. If it is up to Lenovo's usual quality it then will be good or to save money it may be similar to the Eee, Wind, Acer, etc.

  • Wayan Says:

    Damn! That's the hottest <a href="http://4pcomputing" rel="nofollow">4P Computer</a> I've seen yet. I want one!

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