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Leap Motion Controller Ships May 13, Hits Best Buy Shelves May 19

Motion controls aren't just for gaming anymore. Leap Motion will begin filling pre-order for its titular device on May 13. Similar to the Microsoft Kinect, Leap Motion is a small 3-D motion capturing device that works with laptops and desktops. About the size of a USB stick, the device sports tiny cameras that can track even the smallest moments from hands and fingers -- up to a 0.01 of a millimeter at a max 290 frames per second.

The company has also announced the launch of its Airspace app store. Users can expect to see Corel, Autodesk, Cut the Rope, Disney's Sugar Rush and Dischord, a drumming app from renowned game studio Double Fine. Mac owners will also get some love with Clear, a sort of  to-do list for Mac. According to VentureBeat, 52,000 developers have applied for developer kits with 12,000 sent out.

Orders will be shipped in the order they were received, so those that ordered first will be the first to get their hands on the device. Interested consumers can still order the device online, but the price has jumped from $70 to $80. Shoppers can also check their local Best Buy which will start carrying the device on May 19. Stay tuned for a full review.