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Leaked Screens Show BlackBerry 10 Walkthrough

With Research in Motion just days away from launching what could very well be its last operating system, BlackBerry 10, a multitude of screens, including a full walkthrough of the system setup have been leaked. The images, which were posted by, show how you'll be able to customize your BlackBerry 10 device from the moment you take it out of its boxes. 

As proof that BB10 will have deep social media integration, the setup process requires users to set their notifications options for apps including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare, as well as BBM text messages and reminders.

Users can also customize BB10's Siri-like Automated Assistance app. Because security is a premium for RIM, BB10 users will be able to set application permissions and security parameters for various privacy and security options. Interestingly, RIM has put parental controls at the forefront of its new OS, giving users the ability to lock down various system settings right off the bat.

The screens show an operating system that has a far more refined look than previous versions of RIM's OS, with plenty of white space available, making for a pleasant user experience. Everything about the operating system looks clean and crisp. 

It will be interesting to see how customizable BB10 will be and if its functionality matches what RIM has promised. We'll bring you a full hands-on with BB10 and RIM's latest handsets during the company's BlackBerry 10 launch event in New York on Jan. 30.

via: BGR