Laptops for the Elderly? Fujitsu's Raku-Raku Notebook Is Built Just for Seniors

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fujitsu-raku-raku-pcOne day, early on in my job at LAPTOP, I made a crack during an editorial meeting about old people who join Facebook. Since then, I've been known affectionately around the office, fairly or no, as something of an ageist. So, it is with irony that I announce Fujitsu's Raku-Raku notebook, which was designed with senior citizens in mind. This notebook, which will be available only in Japan (a country, by the way, with a rapidly booming elderly population), and derives its name from the Japanese word for "easy." Now, where have we heard that rationale before? For starters, the typeface on the keys is enlarged for easier viewing. And, as you can see in the picture, vowels and other commonly used letters are color-coded. There's also a one-touch button from which users can adjust volume, draw up FAQs, and change the screen resolution. In a similar vein, users can access commonly used features such as e-mail and Web browsers through a single menu. Finally, built-in software allows users to advance through Web searches using mouse clicks, which is useful for people who have difficulty entering characters.
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  • Alison Berry Says:

    My Mum learnt to use a computer and the internet in her late '60s.
    She hasn't been able to use her computer since she had a bad fall.
    What she needs is one that is really, really light as she is frail & can't sit up to a table.
    She wasn't the sort of person you'd expect to get on with IT, but being a craftsperson, the internet was just irresistable to her, she even joined a society through it.
    Using a keyboard again will be hard, but so is writing with a pen when you have wabbity hands.

  • kk Says:

    Given that the keyboard is the mirror image of a normal keyboard, I don't think seniors (or anyone else) will find it easy to use!

  • Palindrome Says:

    I think there is a HUGE market for people that don't know how to use a computer.

    In France, we have a well known company, called Ordissimo, that all ready does that kind of simplified computer.
    But it is more aimed at beginers than people over 80...
    Seems to work very well!

  • Melina Says:

    Interesting. I find all the new technology enlightening and quite easy to learn if you take it one step at a time. The new laptops sound like they would be a big help.

    When I read articles that tell me I can't or I will have a hard time with it I just have to laugh. I'm living proof that anyone can learn if they take the time and want to do so. Just the other day I read an article from Florida real estate agent Karen Monsour that insinuated that people our age don't care about technology and don't want to learn so keep it simple. I was shocked. A Florida real estate agent with its large older citizen base would think like that?

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