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Kids' Smart PJs Do Bedtime Reading For You

E-book retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble have "read-to-me" features, where kids can literally have their tablet or e-reader read their favorite stories to them so Mom and Dad don't have to, but inventor Juan Murdoch is taking that technology into new territory with his QR code-esque kids' pajamas. Smart PJs, which are children's pajamas with unique dot patterns that scan similar to QR codes, were created by Murdoch to make bedtime with his children a little bit easier.

Each pair of interactive PJs features 47 unique dot clusters that sync with free Android and iOS apps, so scanning each with a smartphone or tablet brings up a different story. Kids can have their device read their bedtime story to them or mute the narrator and read the text themselves. Although Murdoch's intentions were probably good, we could see parents purchasing the PJs as an excuse to get out of reading their kids their bedtime stories themselves, and letting the smartphone or tablet do it for them.

Murdoch says he originally tried his idea with QR codes, but they didn't transfer well to fabric so he tried the dot patterns as an alternative. The existing Smart PJ app features 47 different animals, where by tapping on one, kids can view images and read narration about that animal. Murdoch's goal is to release six more apps by the holiday season, featuring holiday themes, songs and games. That way, kids will never get bored at bedtime.

The technology is patent-pending, and retail for $25 a pair.