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Kia's New CUB Concept Car Can Take Your Pulse

Kia wants your next car to be able to recognize how you're feeling deep inside, and the company's new CUB concept will do exactly that. According to Kia, which announced the CUB at the Seoul International Motor Show, its latest concept car will have sensors wrapped around its steering wheel that will be able to monitor a driver's biorhythms. 

Kia doesn't say exactly why the CUB offers this feature except that it will improve safety. Other interesting tech included in the CUB is its Driving Information System, or DIS. According to Kia, the system uses a controller connected to a gesture camera that can interpret hand motions and translate them into commands for the car's infotainment system.

The CUB's exterior looks are just as intriguing as its internal tech. Up front the car's front fascia has the look of a silent film-era villain complete with curled mustache and nefarious-looking eyes. Kia has also outfitted the CUB with suicide-style rear doors.

The CUB gets its power from a 204-horsepower 1.6-liter direct injection motor that should give the four-door enough pep to hustle down the highway.