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JetBlue's Fly-Fi Promises Fastest Wi-Fi Speeds in the Sky

The biggest problem with in-flight Wi-Fi is how obnoxiously slow it is. But JetBlue is looking to change that with its newly announced Fly-Fi service. According to JetBlue, Fly-Fi is a Ka-Band-powered in-flight Wi-Fi service that will help make Web browsing from 10,000 feet much more appealing.

In a test video posted on JetBlue's blog, the airline demonstrates how much faster Fly-Fi can load websites than competitors like GoGo, Panasonic and Row 44. In fact, Fly-Fi manages to load three to four websites before the competition can finish loading one. 

While this is all well and good, there's one major catch. JetBlue is still in the process of testing Fly-Fi. Once testing is complete JetBlue says the service will then have to be certified by the FAA before it can roll out. Should the testing and FAA certification go through without issue, JetBlue says it could begin offering Fly-Fi on its flights later this year.

via: JetBlue