iTunes Update Brings Personalized Playlists to OS X

While we have to wait until September 20 for Apple to update OS X El Capitan to macOS Sierra, Mac users don't need to wait for the same version of Apple Music that arrived on iOS 10 yesterday (Sept. 13). The update, version 12.5.1, brings the bright and bold aesthetic of the Music app on iOS to iTunes, as well as personalized playlists that bring it closer to parity with Spotify.

Those playlists, My Favorites Mix and My New Music Mix, are updated weekly, based on what Apple bets will please your ears, given your listening history. Favorites, refreshed on Wednesdays, collects the songs you listen to most often, and New Music, replenished on Fridays, picks out the latest new jams that match your tastes.

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New Music Mix looks a lot like Spotify's Release Radar playlist, which also culls songs you may enjoy from the week's new releases. Favorites Mix seems to be a step or two behind on Spotify's Discover Weekly, as it finds songs, regardless of release date, that it believes you'll want to hear.

While you're enjoying the new playlists, you may notice that the above-the-screen navigation bar is a lot cleaner now. Previous editions had a total of seven buttons, and version 12.5.1 kills off Playlists and Connect and simplified iTunes Store to simply read Store. Playlist lovers need not fear, though, as those collections are now found in the Library tab, on the right rail. 

Once macOS Sierra comes out on September 20, iTunes users will also be able to use the music application by commanding Siri to play specific songs.

As always, users can update iTunes by opening the App store, clicking Updates and clicking the Update button next to iTunes 12.5.1.

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