IT Pros Say Acer's Laptops Least Reliable

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When businesses buy notebooks, they expect them to last. So when thousands of IT pros say you make the least reliable laptops, that's going to make some people pause. A survey conducted by TechRepublic found that Acer ranked as the least reliable brand, edging out HP with a score of 24 percent to 21 percent. The next least reliable brand was judged to be HP. When the site asked which PC vendor makes the most reliable laptops, Acer scored lowest with 6 percent, followed by Asus. Some may find it odd that Dell and HP were found to be most reliable, but as Tech Republic points out the sheer volume of customers explains that apparent contradiction.

Just this week we gave an Acer notebook a 2.5-star review because the Wi-Fi card didn't work properly, although the company promises a fix. Coincidence? And what if something does go wrong with your laptop? Well, the fact that Acer pulled up the year in our annual Tech Support Showdown probably won't make you feel warm and fuzzy.

So do you own an Acer notebook? How reliable has it been for you?

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Mark Spoonauer, LAPTOP Editor in Chief
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  • hAKODO Says:

    i BOUGHT A ACER 4820t TOO. First the screen hinge broke after a year plus, followed by a dead battery. Totally unreliable equipment. Although, those heavy duty ones (heavier ones) seemed to do better.

  • markymark Says:

    I just bought an Acer laptop, so I can't judge yet...I hope its not negative.

    However, my Acer Aspire Desktop has been performing excellently for the past 5 years (which is why I trust Acer in the first place), so they can't be that bad a brand...can they?

  • Ben Says:

    I bought an Aspire 7741Z-4633. The best thing I can say about Acer it is #1 in the WORST catagory. I'll never buy another nor would I recommend an Acer to anyone!

  • Beni Says:

    I had an Acer laptop for 5 years and a half now, a travel mate 2480 model. My battery seemed to have died after a year, and the laptop worked kind of slow after 3 years. But since I switched to Ubuntu it works better than ever before, battery has somehow revived since I don't leave my computer plugged when turned off. I would definitely say that this is one of the most resistant laptops I've ever seen. I should mention that I used it for at least 4 to 8 hours a day, maybe even more, I used it for Internet, text editing, programming, gaming and multimedia.

  • mchaid Says:

    my 2 years old acer aspire 6935 is working well. i used it for gaming.

  • James Says:

    I've been using ACER laptops and netbooks since 2007 and haven't had any problems across four units. All of them are from the Aspire series and work perfectly to this day.

  • Ding Says:

    I have 3 Acer notebooks between myself and my wife. 1 use a Travelmate 6292 whereas my wife uses the Travelmate 4xxx series. We've never had any problems with either one, only had to change the AC Adapter connector pin as it broke when my notebook had a fall. Had it changed and it is still working fine.

    Bought a Timeline X Aspire 3820TG 3 weeks ago, and am very happy with it, and had found no problems with it.

    I suppose disparate users' experience is because of the luck of the draw ... you might have been 'unlucky' to have received one that is flaky. I have used HP, Lenovo, Apple, Acer and Toshiba notebooks. But above all, I find Acer notebooks are one of the few available that is value for money.

    Just my opinion, worth only 2 cents after all.

  • Nigel Says:

    I bought an ACER Aspire 4820T last week at PC World. It completely froze up during setup, downloading Windows update. Control/Alt/Delete did not work and the machine needed a hard reboot (twice). After that Windows struggled to start properly. Subsequently I could repeat the crash by streaming iplayer to it, crashed usually within 5 mins. Returned to PC World within 4 days of purchase - they offered a competely quibble free replacement or a full refund. They did not have any in stock and I took the refund. Back to the drawing board - I am now favouring a MacBook.

  • Jonathan Says:

    I bought an Acer Timeline series 3810T in May 2009. Since then, the battery had a problem. The CPU simply did not recognise it was there and when you switched off the power, it just powered down immediately. Just a few weeks before that, the battery could only charge up to 89%...
    At the same time, part of the screen had a perpetual shadow like a room with 8 bulbs and one of them blew.
    Brought it to the service centre and collected it after 3 days - apparently, needed to upgrade a software glitch to make the battery work - still did not charge up 100%.
    They fixed the all ok...
    2 months later - same screen problem - this time, it went completely dark - so brought it back - they apparently changed the screen and the battery also (could not fix not charging up 100%).
    another 1.5 mnths (June 2010) - screen died totally - including not being able to video out to projector or monitor...
    I totally agree that Acer's are the most unreliable notebook manufacturer that I've used.

  • Shehanrg Says:

    Well frankly I have two acer notebooks. One is aspire 1412 and the other is aspire 3003wc. But they both working wel even after abt 4years since I bought them. But my acer 3003 has encountered some problems, battery,key board and touch pad are not working.. So I always keep it pluged to the wall and it has become my desktop with pc and mouse.. The other one is the older from them, but it works perfectly.. But it really is not enough for feature demanding applications.. Gets stuck when I open sevral tabs in firefox.. Its obvious for less ram and processor.. Hmm Im now planning to go for Asus one.. Probably ASUS G73jh will be my next notebook..

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