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Internet Explorer 10 Announced, Demoed on an Nvidia Tegra 2 CPU

If you thought Microsoft was going to take a breather after IE9, think again. At the MIX 11 convention yesterday the company demo'ed a build of IE10 that's just three weeks old.  What's more, Engadget found that the next iteration of everyone's favorite comeback browser was running on a notebook with a 1-GHz ARM CPU, specifically an Nvidia Tegra 2 chip.

Microsoft's strategy for Internet Explorer emphasizes native HTML5 support and hardware-accelerated graphics that can leverage a machine's built-in video chip to display webpages more efficiently.

As we noted in our Next-Gen Browser Battle, IE9 made serious headway in the graphics department. If IE10 works on ARM processors, it stands to give the browser a larger platform of products, one that will include tablets, smart phones and other machines with CPUs that are less powerful than chips from Intel or AMD.

The demo mentions several new developer tools including improved CSS3 support for building gradients and 3D transforms, as well as new tweaks for building better page layouts. The video also delves into just how IE10 will offer deeper HTML 5 support and graphics integration than Google Chrome, even though the next-gen browser race is just beginning. Check out the video below and see Microsoft's early IE10 tests at IE Test Drive.

Via Engadget