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IK Multimedia Introduces iRig MIX, Stomp and MIC Cast for iDevices

LAS VEGAS -- Musicians and podcasters, stomp for joy. IK Multimedia just released a new trio of hardware at CES this week, expanding on their existing iRig line. This includes the MIX, the Stomp and the MIC Cast, all designed to work flawlessly on iOS devices. Now it'll be even easier for the budding instrumentalist to produce sound on their iPhone or iPad with the help of these peripherals.

First up, the iRig MIX. It's the first mobile mixer for the iPhone and iPad that offers the usual controls in a pro DJ mixer—crossfader, EQ, volume, etc. But what's compelling about this helpful little gadget is you can use it to mix two stereo inputs—with controls for gain, bass, treble and volume—from any type of source, whether they're mp3 players, CD players or something else. That's the first time any DJ mixer has been able to manage that. There's also tempo matching and beat syncing, which we've seen before, but it's worth noting that this piece of hardware comes with 4 free apps to help your inner musician become more creative—including DJ Rig (for DJ mixing), AmpliTube (for iOS guitar amp and effects), VocaLive (to process voice recordings from singers) and Groovemaker (for crafting loops and grooves to add to your music). Expect to shell out $99.99 for the iRig MIX when it hits shelves in February. 

Next is the Stomp, a classic stompbox pedal aimed at guitar players and works well with the AmpliTube app. It enhances tones and effects in your music and is compatible with iOS guitars and instrument apps. If you're interested, you'll have to drop $59.99 for this rig in Q2 2012.

Finally, there's the iRig MIC Cast. Fitting any iDevice headphone jack, this is a compact microphone that silver-tongued folk can use to record their podcasts, interviews or voice memos. The accessory also features a mini headphone jack for live monitoring as well as a stand, presumably so that you can position it to capture sound clearly. It'll cost $40 when it becomes available in Q1 2012.