I Rejoice: HP Releases XP Drivers For the Mini-Note

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HP should begin selling XP versions of the Mini-Note any day now, but some of us eager beavers couldn't deal with Vista any longer and "downgraded" to Windows XP ourselves. If you have been following my Mini-Note tales, you know that installing XP is simple, however the issues begin after XP is up and running and you discover all the missing drivers.

HP has finally updated its Web site with the needed drivers for XP, including the all-important Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver. My Mini-Note was without any wireless access for a few days and I have been tethered to an Ethernet cord. Not anymore. I simply downloaded the driver to the notebook from this site and the wireless network tool popped up in my system tray.

Missing from the drivers available, however, is one for audio or sound. Has anyone found a driver to enable sound on the Mini-Note running XP?

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  • Carlos Chavez Says:

    I have an installable copy of Win XP Pro, but with no service packs. Can I install this and then do the various upgrades to get to SP3?

    Or do I need to bite the bullet and buy a retail XP with SP3 on the CD?

  • Dasarath Says:

    inid hp pavilion All laptop drivers for xp

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