XP Coming to HP Mini-Note in Mid-May

When you go to the landing page for the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC on HP's site, it lists Windows XP Professional as one of the options under operating systems. I wouldn't necessarily call this a downgrade as HP does, given that this OS is better suited for a mini notebook (as proven by this video by our friends over at NotebookReview.com). In fact, that's probably the config I'd buy. Too bad XP isn't listed as one of the pre-configured Mini-Notes HP is currently selling.

The good news? A pre-configured XP version will be available in mid-May. The bad news? There doesn't seem to be a set timetable for configuring your own Mini-PC from scratch. We first learned of this tidbit via a chat with an online sales rep, which you can read after the jump. (Note that I had to be passed on from one rep to this one, thus the edits to the thread.) We also just got official word from HP that mid-May is indeed the availability date. We're working on gettng specs and pricing for the XP Mini-Note and hope to have an update later today.

Welcome to HP's Chat Service.

Please hold for the next available Sales representative.
Guest: Hi Jason, can you see the above query?
Jason: Good morning! My name is Jason and please give me a moment to review the chat so far.
Jason: I see you are interested in our brand new HP 2133 Mini-Note PC and will be happy to help with that. Thank you for looking to HP for your solution there!
Guest: thanks...
Jason: We just announced the HP 2133 & have the five pre-configured models so far and four of those are listed as "Smart Buy" promotional versions initially.
Guest: ok, do you know if there are any plans to offer a configure to order model of the 2133?
Guest: for example, on the main product page downgrade to XP is mentioned but that's not available on any of the pre-config models...
Jason: There could be a configurable version in the coming weeks or months - so far we don't have any specific details for if or when that will happen for sure.
Guest: ok...
Jason: We are looking to have the Windows Vista Business downgrade to Windows XP Pro license and drivers in place by mid-May 2008. Hopefully sooner! And from what I've heard that will be another pre-configured version initially...
Guest: appreciate the help.

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