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XP Coming to HP Mini-Note in Mid-May

When you go to the landing page for the HP 2133 Mini-Note PC on HP's site, it lists Windows XP Professional as one of the options under operating systems. I wouldn't necessarily call this a downgrade as HP does, given that this OS is better suited for a mini notebook (as proven by this video by our friends over at In fact, that's probably the config I'd buy. Too bad XP isn't listed as one of the pre-configured Mini-Notes HP is currently selling.

The good news? A pre-configured XP version will be available in mid-May. The bad news? There doesn't seem to be a set timetable for configuring your own Mini-PC from scratch. We first learned of this tidbit via a chat with an online sales rep, which you can read after the jump. (Note that I had to be passed on from one rep to this one, thus the edits to the thread.) We also just got official word from HP that mid-May is indeed the availability date. We're working on gettng specs and pricing for the XP Mini-Note and hope to have an update later today.

Welcome to HP's Chat Service.

Please hold for the next available Sales representative.
Guest: Hi Jason, can you see the above query?
Jason: Good morning! My name is Jason and please give me a moment to review the chat so far.
Jason: I see you are interested in our brand new HP 2133 Mini-Note PC and will be happy to help with that. Thank you for looking to HP for your solution there!
Guest: thanks...
Jason: We just announced the HP 2133 & have the five pre-configured models so far and four of those are listed as "Smart Buy" promotional versions initially.
Guest: ok, do you know if there are any plans to offer a configure to order model of the 2133?
Guest: for example, on the main product page downgrade to XP is mentioned but that's not available on any of the pre-config models...
Jason: There could be a configurable version in the coming weeks or months - so far we don't have any specific details for if or when that will happen for sure.
Guest: ok...
Jason: We are looking to have the Windows Vista Business downgrade to Windows XP Pro license and drivers in place by mid-May 2008. Hopefully sooner! And from what I've heard that will be another pre-configured version initially...
Guest: appreciate the help.