HP Shows Off 10-inch Netbook. The Next Mini-Note?

As we reported earlier, at a special fashion week presentation tonight, HP unveiled a special edition mini-notebook developed in collaboration with fashion designer Vivanne Tam. The small notebook is what you would expect a celebrity to carry around and is being called a "Digital Clutch" by the company.  While HP did not announce a model name or specs for it, the netbook clearly resembles the Mini-Note 2133, with some major design changes.

While HP did not disclose any details, we were able to peek at an open display unit with a 10-inch screen (larger than the original 8.9-inch Mini-Note 2133).  As you can see from the pictures, the LCD panel now fills the bezel, while the speaker sits just below it.

The unit on display had the same 92 percent keyboard that we love so much on the original Mini-Note. The display model also had the same touchpad, with mouse buttons buttons placed to the right and the left of the pad.

We had limited time to actually hold the machine since HP restricted us from opening it up, but it felt just as light and thin as the 2133.

No word on the internal specs and what processor this new netbook might run. HP would not confirm a release date or that this notebook is meant as a direct successor to the Mini-Note 2133, but no matter what it's called, we're betting that it will be available in time for the holidays.