HP Mini 110 With 6-cell Battery Lasts Nearly 6 Hours

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hp-mini-110-i The day after we published our review of the HP Mini 110, we received the 6-cell battery for the system--one of the most improved netbooks of the year, in our estimation. With the 6-cell battery, the Mini 110 lasted 5 hours and 36 minutes on the LAPTOP Battery Test (Web surfing via Wi-Fi), which is just a few minutes shy of the netbook average for 6-cell batteries. Considering it will cost just $40 more (bringing the Mini 110's price to $369)  when it becomes available on June 10, it's worth making the investment for  double the runtime of the 3-cell battery.
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  • sabo Says:

    Just bought the mini 100 and the 3 cell battery life sucks! Only lasted between 1 to 2 hours max. Feel like dumping it into the trash can.

  • louis Says:

    really...how come mine can just reach at least one hour...

  • Heather Says:

    I bought this HP 110 with 6-cell upgrade so I could start typing notes in class instead of writing and so far, it's exactly what HP promised. Light, almost a full-sized keyboard, anti-glare screen (too bright light Asus makes it hard to see in sunlight), long battery life, blue-tooth adapter, and it all works right out of the box. Paid 372.00 at WalMart. 1 year warranty, etc. I have an older HP laptop (Presario) and when I had a converter burnout, they sent one in 24 hours. When I had a software issue (recall), they sent the box with postage paid and returned the computer in 4 days. Now I don't know your experiences with Dell or other brands, but quick returns and actions louder than words are unusual for a large company. That's another reason I stuck with HP. And instead of getting pissed when your call is routed to India, why don't you ask the representative what some good Hindi movies are, or what music they like? Then you can get that stuff and have something to talk about at parties, instead of how outsourcing sucks. I am totally satisfied with HP at this point.

  • Mark Says:

    agree with helloid--picture please of -3 and -6 cell batteries on the puter. Thanks.

  • Troy Says:

    The 6 cell life of 5+ hrs is nice but the form factor and size is compomised. I went with the 1020nr which is identical to the 1030nr except with the 3 cell and with the savings purchased an extra 3-cell to carry with me. The weight and bulky lum turned me away from the 6-cell 1030nr.

  • brad - gig harbor Says:

    I just bought this 110 at costco - i was dissapointed to see just hwo friggin heavy the battery pack is - i dont have a lot of experience with the netbooks with 6 cell batteries, but the new 110 6 cell acts like a netbook stand, propping up the netbook at an angle a bit (maybe easier to type?) ...it makes for a decent grip of the netbook so you arent squeezing the case when you, say, are picking it up and sliding it into a sleeve/backpack, etc - BUT THE THING IS HEAVY.. It also makes this 110 ALOT BULKIER.

    I may be taking it back bc of that.. it isnt streamlined anymore since the battery pack is vertical.

  • Helloid Says:

    Hi !
    Thanks for this new battery life test.
    It will be nice if you put a pic of the Hp 110 WITH the 6cell. Is it well integrated ?
    Thank you.

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