How to Navigate with Gestures on the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Like every other tablet on the market, the PlayBook relies on three basic gestures for navigation: tap, swipe, and pinch-to-zoom. But RIM also implemented a series of advanced swiping gestures that leverage the PlayBook’s touch-sensitive bezel. All of these moves work in both landscape and portrait mode.

  • Swipe from the Bottom: From the home screen, this gesture brings up the app drawer, giving you a view of all the apps on your PlayBook. If you’re already in an app, swiping from the bottom will return you to the home screen.
  • Swipe from the Top: When you’re on the home screen, this move provides access to the PlayBook’s system settings. When you’re in an app, this gesture reveals the app’s settings.
  • Swipe from the Top Left or Right Corner: When you’re in an app, this launches the PlayBook’s status bar.
  • Swipe from the Bottom Left Corner: Launches the PlayBook’s keyboard.
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